Register now for your Hazcheck Online Live Demonstration
The Hazcheck Online live demonstration is restricted to UN Numbers ending in '5'. For example, it will accept UN 1765 but not UN 1767. Also, Proper Shipping Names associated with UN Numbers other than those ending in '5' will not produce a successful search.
This allows you to test the full system or to train with live data. For example, you can try a mixed packaged goods load of UN 1815, UN 1825, UN 1835 to test validation, packaging check and Dangerous Goods Note production. Entering UN1935, UN1905, UN2395 will show how an invalid load is flagged.
Your demonstration will run for 60 days, and you will be notified 10 days before expiry. You can then register for a subscription or allow your demonstration to expire.
The demonstration version of Hazcheck Online is intended for evaluation and training purposes only. By registering you agree not to use Hazcheck Online Demonstration to process dangerous goods operationally.
If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail
We hope that you find the demonstration informative and that you will join the many Hazcheck Online users worldwide.
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